upcoming tours!

September 2013 at Fitness - "followed in Bushwick"
a four hour walking tour of Bushwick encouraging Instagram photography and exploring the triggers of web-based paranoia

November 21 & December 12, 2013, January 9 & February 6, 2014 at MAD Museum - "Gates"
theatrical tours of exhibits at the Museum of Arts and Design with participants camouflaged as maintenance personnel

~past tours~

March 2013 at MAD Museum - "Official Museum of Arts and Design Tours"
participating in the performance element of Jesse Hlebo's residency series "INCONGROUS" a tour was conducted in MAD Museum's perfume exhibit "The Art of the Scent 1889-2012"

December 2012 at Fitness - "Witness the Fitness"
participating in Fitness' Marathon Performances series, historical jogging tours of Bushwick were conducted throughout the day - a "1-Day Alaina Stamatis Gym Membership for a Runner's Higher Understanding" - along with karaoke and a performance by the Jazz Massagers

Photos and article by Rebecca Smeyne for Papermag

April 2012 at the Clocktower Gallery - "Twitching Around Lower Manhattan"
as part of my "Strife Lessons" residency at the Clocktower, a day of theatrical bird watching tours in search of extinct NYC birds